The Valley of Kashmir is full of the mighty mountains, Lush Greenery , blossoms of pinks , whites, yellows and flowers of all the rarest varieties. Rainbows spread across the blue skies. Meadows are spangled with daisies , flower beds with pansies, primroses, hyacinths and daffodils grow all over. Almond, cherry, apples strawberries are in abundance. Rivers, Lakes, snow-caped mountains, dense forests, Hill stations you can't think of any heavenly beauty which is missing in this piece of heaven ! Needless to say there are a wide number of hotels in Jammu and Kashmir to cater to the accommodation needs of the tourists.

These hotels provide comfortable accommodation equipped with all the latest facilities. The room amenities in the hotels of Jammu and Kashmir are also very impressive. In addition to the hotels , here we have Houseboats which match the standard of hotels to large extend . No matter what your budget you are sure to find something that meets your needs and suits your pocket among the many hotels and houseboats in Jammu and Kashmir.

Many tourists are attracted to Srinagar by the charm of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water in a cedar-paneled elegant bedroom, with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel. Srinagar's thousand or so houseboats are moored along sections of the Dal and Nagin Lakes and river Jhelum, each decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically.


Kashmir Hotels

Kashmir has always been under the safe haven of stunning Srinagar. But its pukka charm never dissolved in the existence of Srinagar. This state seeped in natural beauty galore is a prominent business hub as well. Many ancient places of pilgrimage are found here like Vaishno Devi temple, where numerous devotees congregate to add up some divinity to their life. The title of 'heaven on earth' for Jammu and Kashmir has given great push to tourism industry and generated immense profits. The state boasts of many commodious and well equipped hotels where tourists can stay with ease and comfort.

One of the major attractions of Srinagar are the Houseboats. Kashmir Houseboats Provides The fantastic view of the lakes, mountain slopes and the sprawling gardens, Our Various kashmir tours include houseboat stay. Stay In Kashmir Houseboats And Enjoy Dal Lake View.

You can also book a place in our Hotel Thajiwas Glacier in Sonmarg with us.

Kashmir Houseboats

The distinctive experience of staying in a wood paneled elegant bedroom along with a host of other facilities in the Kashmir houseboats- in Srinagar goes a long way in making your stay worthwhile and memorable. The Kashmir houseboats; provide you with all the luxury that an up market hotel would normally provide. The fantastic view of the lakes, mountain slopes and the sprawling gardens that Srinagar is famous for are all viewable from these Kashmir houseboats-.

Houseboat were introduced accidentally in Kashmir. Most of British Civil and Military officers serving in the plains used to come to Kashmir with their families for holidays. They wanted to built houses for themselves but the Maharaja (King) of Kashmir of that time was suspicious of their designs and did not allow them to buy land, so they built the first Houseboat- named Victory designed by Mr M T Kenhard in 1888. Later other copied this design and now there are about 500 Houseboats in Srinagar for commercial purpose .

The thousand or so Kashmir houseboats in Srinagar are moored along Dal and Nagin Lakes and River Jhelum. Some have Romantic names. Other still are named in keeping with the beauty of the place.

The Kashmir houseboats in Srinagar vary in their degree of luxury and have been categorized by the Tourist Department accordingly. The luxury category of Kashmir houseboats- speak of class and elegance with wooden paneled bedrooms, balconies, fine dining experience and a host of other recreational facilities. The lowest categories of Kashmir houseboats- in Srinagar are sparingly furnished but provide you with comfortable rooms and sumptuous meals. There is a houseboy in almost all of these houseboats who cater to your daily services from bringing tea to dusting the rooms.

On board the Kashmir houseboats in Srinagar there are every comfort that a discerning customer wants. The rooms are incorporated with the latest amenities for a hassle free stay. Privacy is well maintained in these houseboats. You can visit many places while in these houseboats or can also rent a shikhara which can be seen moored alongside the houseboats

Every standard houseboats in Srinagar provide you with a balcony, a lounge, dining room, and 3 or more bedroom with attached bathroom. Three meals are served daily and you can take your pick from Indian, Kashmiri cuisine and Western fare.
Kashmir Houseboats Provides The fantastic view of the lakes, mountain slopes and the sprawling gardens, Our Various kashmir tours include houseboat stay, Our Various kashmir tours include houseboat stay. JK tourism online provide also provide houseboats booking.